Grooming Your Older Cat

As your cat gets older they will tend to groom themselves much less than when they were young unfortunately this results in their coat looking a bit “shabby”

It’s highly recommended that you start a regular grooming routine to help to keepGrooming Your Older Cat your older cat’s coat in good condition and looking smooth.

This is also a way to spend special “one on one” time together which will be a very mutually satisfying experience for both yourself and your beloved older cat.

Having said this, some older cats will just not allow you to groom them, they will see the brush coming and lash out, hissing and swiping at you. This may be because they have never liked too much touch or they are just “cranky old puddas”.

The important thing is to know your cat and its moods and behaviour. There is no point in pursuing the grooming if it is going to cause major stress to yourself and your cat.

It may be necessary to take your cat to the Vet and have it sedated slightly and the Vet groom it. This would need to be done on a regular basis, but, this would be much less stressful for all concerned.
Grooming your older cat is very important not only to keep its’ coat looking good but also to keep their skin healthy and stop it from becoming very dry and flaky, which tends to happen as they get older.

Just remember to be very gentle and slow as your older cat may be more sensitive to harsh tugging and pulling. They may be Arthritic and any rough treatment would cause them pain.

Always seek a vets advice if you unsure about what to do.

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