Cat Toys

Cat toys are an essential part of spending quality time with your pet.

Cats and kittens love to play and while we might not have unlimited time to devote to them there is nothing better than to spend the time playing and develop a relationship with them that they will keep for life.

During the times when you're out or unable to spend the time playing with them, the cat or kitten will need some toys to keep it amused.

Kitten Playing with a Cat ToyKittens especially, love soft toys because they can get their claws into them easily and roll about on the floor without causing themselves any injury. Other simple toys that will keep a kitten amused for hours will be anything that rolls along the floor such as a ball with a bell or a piece of foil screwed up into a ball. They will love chasing it around.

If you've got young children make sure any toy or item you buy your cat or kitten is safe, not something that the child could pick up and swallow. You don't want to endanger your pets either. Avoid anything that has sharp edges.
Before you purchase any cat toys you should consider your cat’s temperament and energy level. Some cats are more than happy to spend hours on end batting at sparkly feathers at the end of a stick while other cats will enjoy every single attempt of trying to get their paws on a remote control mouse zipping through the house.

Cat Playing You don’t have to fill your house to the brim with cat toys in order to amuse your cat, because most cats will have a few favorite toys and then essentially ignore the rest.

At first be picky about the toys you buy for your cat, and pay attention to the toys that your cat or kitten really seems to enjoy.

Of course, many cat owners make the claim that cat toys are just a waste of money because cats will amuse themselves with or without supplemental toys.

That's not true, cats and kittens need play time and environmental enrichment to thrive. Sometimes something as simple as an empty box will amuse a cat for hours.

Most cat owners, however, have a hard time resisting the urge to buy some toys for their cats because they want to supply their cats with as much fun as possible.

If you pay attention to the things that amuse your cat you’ll know whether or not toys are appropriate and what type of toys your should buy for maximum enjoyment.

Keep in mind that buying the most expensive cat toy available does'nt guarantee that your cat will be amused by it, while in other cases some cats could derive endless hours of enjoyment from it.

Just like humans every cat is different and has it's own  unique personality.

Cat Playing In A Box