Grooming Your Cat


Cats don’t enjoy being groomed by us, they’d much rather do it for themselves.

It is a good practise to get your cat used to you grooming it from as early as possible and even though they may not enjoy it too much, grooming your cat on a regular basis will remove any loose fur that could end up in the cat's digestive system, causing constipation, fur balls, and discomfort that can also result in your cat throwing up on a regular basis.


A cat grooms itself by licking its fur, and as a result quite a large amount of that fur ends up being swallowed and when this is combined with the food in its stomach fur balls develop that need to be eliminated one way or another.


Longer haired cats obviously have a bigger problem than those with short hair, and they will need a lot more grooming to remove loose hair. If grooming is not conducted on a regular (often daily) basis your long haired cat will develop knots which may need to be removed by your Vet. This can be very costly to you and very uncomfortable for your cat. Knotted cat fur can form into hard, solid lumps very close to the skin, making removal very tricky and sometimes dangerous to your cat.


There are many different types of grooming devices on the market today such as grooming mits or gloves, soft brushes, various types of steel combs etc. It is important to read the information on the packaging before purchasing to make sure you are getting the right type of brush for your cat.


Short haired cats will also benefit greatly from being groomed regularly with the right type of brush. A brush that is too soft is not going to remove very much of the loose top coat, a steel comb or “wire” type brush is better as it helps to promote good circulation, ensuring healthy skin as well as removing the loose top coat.


Regular grooming and good nutrition will ensure that your cat has a nice shiny coat, few problems with constipation and fur balls, and less chance of getting any other skin related problems.

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