Cat Facts

Cats Eyes
Did you know that a cat’s sense of sight is 6 times better than a human’s, even in the dark!
However, they cannot see at all in complete darkness. In semi-darkness or starlight their sense of sight is just as good as it is in full daylight!

Have you noticed how their eyes “glow” or “sparkle” in the night? This is because behind their lens is a “sheath”, which is sort of like a piece of “foil” which helps to reflect the light present and re-create a “daytime” picture for them to see.

A Cats Sense Of Smell
They have an acute sense of smell, oftentimes “air scenting”, characterised by the lifting of their heads and intense twitching of their noses.

Besides smelling with their nose, cats can smell with another organ called the Jacobson's organ, this organ is located in the upper surface of the cats mouth.

Cats Whiskers
Their whiskers are a very important navigating tool. The whiskers give them a sense of “space” such as how wide an opening may be or how deep a hole may be.

To remove a cat’s whiskers would endanger them greatly as they would lose all sense of direction and fall down deep holes or ravines or crash into objects such as trees.

Cat Tastes
Cat owners all know about our cat’s sense of taste! They would have to be the fussiest of creatures in the universe! They have an extremely heightened sense of taste and will turn their noses up at anything which does not appeal to them almost immediately and will not change their mind.

Cats prefer their food at room temperature. Chocolate is poisonous to cats and they cannot taste sweets. The chlorine in our tap water irritates sensitive parts of the cat's nose so the water needs to sit for 24 hours before giving it to a cat.
The average cat food meal is the equivalent to about five mice.

Cat Reproduction
Kittens reach sexual maturity at only 6 months, so it is important to have desexing done on male and females to avoid related problems. Usually neutering or spaying is done between month 5 and 6. It can also be done when they reach a body weight of 1 kilogram.