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Thinking About Having A Cat As A Pet? Curious To Know More About Them? Or Do You Already Own A Cat And Want To Know All About Keeping Them Happy & Healthy? 
These questions and more are answered in this site. 

We're excited about providing you with information, tips and resources about anything to do with cat and kitten care, as well as finding them good homes and loving owners who will treat them like they are members of their family.

A well cared for cat in a safe indoor environmentFor anyone considering adopting or purchasing an adult cat or a kitten we provide the education and knowledge about cat care, cat behavior and what goes into keeping them safe and healthy.    

With cat ownership comes responsibility and the more knowledge we can spread about the importance of taking this responsibility seriously the less cats and kittens we'll find being euthanased in animal shelters. (See the statistics below)  

Cats Are One Of The Most Misunderstood Animals On The Planet.   
We provide information that can help you to understand cats and kittens so that you can provide a nurturing and safe environment for your cat to live and thrive in.

The True Costs of Cat Ownership
Many times people take on a pet without realising the added responsibilities and the TRUE costs involved with cat ownership from every perspective.This is valuable information that can help you  make an informed decision as to whether you can have a cat in your life and look after it in a responsible way. Read more 
Adopt a Cat
Sadly there are thousands of innocent animals dumped and surrended every yearI Am A Forever Cat and the main reason is peoples lack of knowledge about what is involved in pet ownership.    
In a recent report in the Sunday Sun Herald the RSPCA in the period of 2008/09 received 66,205 surrendered cats, 59.7% of those cats were euthanased, 3.7% were re-claimed and 29.7 % were re-homed and these are only statistics from the RSPCA.

There are many other Animal Welfare Societies with just as alarming statistics. The truth is …”Moggies” don’t stand a chance!
 It’s time to take a stand!    

We are dedicated to the cause of finding homes for as many surrendered/abandoned cats as we can. Read more 

Cat & Kitten Surrender
If you are thinking about surrendering a cat or a kitten read my post first about the reality of taking this action.

We dispel the myths about desexing of cats male and female. This is one area of cat ownership that could make a world of difference in reducing the overpopulation of cats in our society today. Find out why...... 

Cat Food
What you should and should'nt feed your cat or kitten.
Cat Foods and suggested Diets.

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